James Town

James Town, the oldest neighborhood of Accra, Ghana, has a vital fishing harbor. It once served as a major port for the British during the African slave trade. Recently the area has become the focus of international assistance due to the dense population, inadequate housing and sanitation infrastructure, and due to deplorable safety and health concerns. Our girls come from deprived homes in this fishing community. Unfortunately numerous parents of this area lack education and do not understand the importance of giving their children a better future by ensuring they attend school. In addition, many families lack the financial means to send their daughters to school. Girls then walk the beaches or streets selling goods to earn money to help support the family instead of discovering and developing their God-given potential that will help them build a better tomorrow.

Ghana Quick Facts

Population: 22,019,000

Capital: Accra; 1,847,000

Area: 238,537 square kilometers (92,100 square miles)

Language: English, Akan, Moshi-Dagomba, Ewe, Ga

Religion: Christian (68.8%), indigenous beliefs (8.5%), Muslim (15.9%)

Currency: Cedi

Life Expectancy: 57

Literacy Percent: 57.9 % overall; Females 49.8%

Source: CIA World Factbook



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